Monday, April 11, 2011


I had local errands to do, and since we were having a psuedo-sunny day, I added a few minutes and stalked North Bend.
I can't bring myself to call a beautiful blossom a "sucker", so I will name it an Upstart Bud.  It is growing from old lichen on a trunk.  I didn't have my macro lens with me, but the bud was so bravely pink and sturdy:

I have to chuckle at what my friend P calls the Snoqualmie caboose: "Pepto Bismal Pink".
We both groan at how ugly it is and that it should be red. and that we need to take Pepto Bismal when
we look at it.
However, this morning it was worthy of a closer look because of the pink blossoms that matched and softened the effect:

 This horrid pink is not enhanced; that is, unfortunately, the painted color of the caboose.
Perhaps it is blushing with embarrassment:

 This was a "turn around and go back!" statement, outloud to myself.
Not pink for my theme here, but these old painted stairs are charming and add a touch of whimsy
to my blog for the day:


pat said...

The stairs!! Everytime I drive by and see those hula hoops and the painted stairs I want to stop...but as you know, no parking there. So glad that YOU caught those wonderful colors. I love the contrast of the straight lines of the steps and the curves of the hula hoops.

The blossoms just don't help that caboose at all. They make it appear even pinker...but it is a pretty shot, if you can overlook all the horrid PeptoBismal (abysmal!!)pinkness.

Lynda said...

A refreshingly spring-ful post. I actually think the pink caboose - at least in the pictures - looks sweet. Perhaps it really is the perfect frame that you composed it with. You make everything look good.